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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Savor It

Posted 01:01 PM, October 10 2009

Savor It

Sunset last night ended the long wait for Ironman...sort of. Sleep in those slim hours between sunset and sunrise race morning can be the toughest part of the long buildup to the toughest day in sports. You may get to bed early and even fall into a false slumber for a short few moments only to be awakened by that nagging feeling that just a few more calories would be good for the long day looming ahead. A trip to the fridge takes care of that.

A few more moments of sleep, and then it hits again, only this time it's a slight dryness in your mouth. Well, the only solution is to grapple your way to the cupboard, grab a glass, fill it with water, drink it, stumble back to bed, take one more look at the watch, and then close your eyes. But sorry my friend, before you drift away for the third time nature calls. You break into a brief sweat, haul yourself back out of bed and take care of business.

And on and on it goes, like the movie Groundhog Days, but it's not so funny when it's your life and it's the night before the biggest race of your life. But not to worry. When the alarm does finally make its presence known with that nerve rattling sound, you are indeed grateful that the night is past you and what lies ahead is the day you have held in awe and perhaps fear for so long.

I have a tip, though. The day will be over and seem like a dream in a blink. Savor it! As Luis mentioned at our athlete breakfast you only have this day and you really don't know what the future will bring. This is your Ironman right now.

Savor it!

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