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Saturday, October 04, 2008

First Impressions

Posted 01:01 PM, October 04 2008

First ImpressionsFirst Day
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Luis called it pretty accurately in his blog yesterday when he said the mood in Kona seemed a little subdued. It’s sort of hard to think of that as being the first impression at Ironman, but it was. Subdued, lacking energy, not really happy-kind of like the island was fighting off a low-grade infection.

It could also be that the influx of athletes and spectators really doesn’t hit critical mass until day's end tomorrow, Sunday. Then Monday morning it’s triathlon’s ultimate pose down at the Kona pier, with more shaved legs assembled in one place than probably anywhere else on the planet. Now, how can that be anything but interesting!

The mood yesterday could also be the infamous collective sigh of relief that happens when you do finally get life together and arrive on the Big Island. Every loose end that you put off for months has to be wrapped up before you step on the plane. For the athletes that means assembling spare training gear, race gear, race nutrition, extra race nutrition, and making every decision about gearing, wheels, uniforms, changing or not in transition…it all has to be pulled together. For everyone, bills have to be paid, work tied up, important connections informed how to get in touch with you while you disappear into the vacuum called Ironman. It all has to be ticked off the check list before you hand over your boarding pass.

For me one more detail adding to the things that cannot wait until tomorrow was the book that Brant Secunda and I are co-authoring titled Fit Soul, Fit Body- 9 Keys to a Healthier Happier You. It is going to print any day now and all edits had to be finalized. The good news is that it will be out soon (December 1st release with preorders already available at We’ll send out announcements as that date approaches.

Today was a few shades lighter and visibly brighter. The winds shifted and the vog dispersed a bit. Luis and I are going to the active volcanoes later today including Kilauea that has not been this alive for several decades. The air is reported to be thick and visibility thin, but even a glimpse of molten lava is something to be witnessed.

Stay tuned!


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