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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Posted 01:07 PM, January 04 2009

Happy New Year 2009Happy New Year

The New Year is always a new beginning in many ways. I have always enjoyed this holiday much more than Christmas. Maybe is because as a child I was low on toys for Christmas so New Year was great as I did not have to compare with my friends. One of the families I lived with for a while had this great ritual were we took this bath made from some plant that cleansed you of all evil spirits. Some sort of old school aroma therapy. Colombia has lots of fireworks for New Years too. So that is my memory of that. Even in Boulder in early 90’s I always had a huge New Years bash at the house. One time I could not fit one more person in the house. It was packed from the kitchen all the way to the top of the stairs.

I did not have a new year’s resolution this year. Been there done that. It never works. But I managed to work out every day. That is 4 days in a row and some with two workouts a day. My gut looks smaller. Nah, that is just the mirror. I guess that would have been my resolution. To get in shape!

So I have been carrying my camera with me and last week as I was running there was a great sunset so I put the camera on the ground and ran by as it took the picture. The old timer trick. So the picture here is the result. There is no chance of me running at sun rise unless I stay up al night so I just run at sunset to get some of these views. It is great.

In my last post I mentioned the facebook MAO group. Here is a link to it if you want to join. MAO facebook group I am not a facebook expert but I think this link will work.

Well I hope 2009 brings you happiness, fitness and your best races ever.


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