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Friday, October 09, 2009

2009 Kona Breakfast

Posted 04:49 AM, October 09 2009

2009 Kona Breakfast

Today is generally a day off for our athletes so starting the day with a nice breakfast is the way to do it. We like to do this with our athletes and their significant others. This year we also got tons of schwagg for them. Shirts from Kiwami and Tyr, googles and hats from Tyr, race hat or visor from Headsweats, hydration belt small baggy from Fuelbelt, socks from Wigwam, Towel from Kiwami, Swim cap from Tyr and MarkAllenOnline large water bottle. A little loot for everyone.

Then we sat down to eat and afterwards Mark and I gave the team some tips as to what to do on race day and before to get ready. I talked a little about accepting the outcome before the race as a way to reduce stress related to your performance. I think most people enjoyed the chat. One athlete said she felt much better after listening to our mental tips.

Many of our athletes are here for their first time. It is a tough race and the heat and the wind will have a lot to say about how tough this is going to be. But that is what makes the Hawaii Ironman a super challenging race. If this was easy no one will be here.

After the breakfast we took some team photos and said our good byes and good lucks. Then I was headed for the expo to do some heat training. The expo today was brutally hot. For crying out loud. At one point there was absolutely no wind and I was a big sweat ball. Geez!

My one highlight was being able to give Tim DeBoom a good luck hug. We both raced in the early 90’s when he was in his 20’s and we ran a few miles together. He is most likely considered a dark horse for Saturday.

Later we went to the carbo load dinner which for me is always a highlight. They have all these Hawaiian dancers and some fire dancers too. It is awesome.

Then they introduced a few special people doing the race. The most notable to me was Rudy Garcia who is a kid that will be the first ever over the knee amputee to do the race. He will power is bike with his glutes only as he has no quadriceps and no hamstrings. It is just plain unbelievable. Just when you think this sport is hard think about how much harder it is for Rudy.

No exercise for mew today which is a kind of a bummer. But duty calls. I am going to try to swim and get a short run tomorrow. Not sure it is going to happen but I will do my best.

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