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  • Re: "Working your heart" 180-Age has no health/medication adjustments ?

    Will do. One interesting thing I have already noticed is that my ''normal'' runs (every second day) are 5.25miles and always end (by design) with a HR of around 118, and everything still seems quite normal and my cadence remains extremely constant.  My weekend ''long'' run is 6.25miles/10k and ends with a HR of around 124, but (and this is ...
    Posted to Public forum (Forum) by BSEARLE19183 on April 18, 2010
  • Re: "Working your heart" 180-Age has no health/medication adjustments ?

    I am on ongoing BloodPressure and Cholesterol medication, have been for 5 years (unchanged) - like many Baby-Boomers. - had HeartAttack 5 yrs ago, but both my Doctor and Cardiologist are happy with my current fitness and workout routines Offsetting the medication, I jog (4.6-4.8mph) for 5-6 miles typically 4 times per week - no ...
    Posted to Public forum (Forum) by BSEARLE19183 on April 16, 2010
  • "Working your heart" 180-Age has no health/medication adjustments ?

    Your great article ''Working Your Heart'' uses the 180-Age formula, but it does not include any of the adjustments for health/medications that Phil Maffetone originally included.  Can you provide some additional background why they are no longer appropriate?  I would be interested, and since the formula and adjustments are widely ...
    Posted to Public forum (Forum) by BSEARLE19183 on April 15, 2010
  • Maximum Aerobic Heart Rates

    Hi Mark and Luis,One question: I've noticed that you position an interesting HR approach for training (180-age+5 in my case = 149) as maximum aerobic heart rate. Would that HR be the same for everybody with my age that practices 7+ times/week? I have a friend who trains for triathlons as well, but his max HR is 185, while mine is 207. ...
    Posted to Public forum (Forum) by CARAUJO18064 on September 7, 2009